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How much money will I need to live comfortably in retirement?

At Laszlo Rigsby, we believe in building stable plans with strong foundations. By tailoring employer-sponsored retirement plans and IRAs, we develop a personalized roadmap for our clients goals.  Portfolio construction and management which can compromise investments such as:

  • FDIC insured CD’s with both fixed and market linked rates of return
  • Individual Equities and Fixed income bonds
  • Structured notes & ETF’s with downside buffer protection of principal
  • ETF’s (Exchange traded funds)
  • UIT’s (Unit Investment Trusts)
  • Commodities, Options and Managed Futures
  • Alternative investments such as REIT’s (Real Estate Trusts), Limited Partnerships and ‘hard asset’ investing

NOTE: All recommendations integrated with proactive tax and estate planning services offered through Laszlo Rigsby Financial Services.